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  • Total Body Care by Doris, Day Spa and Beauty Center
    Committed to nothing short of Excellence

    Doris A Banks is a dedicated and passionate massage therapist and skincare specialist with over five decades of experience in the industry. With a genuine love for her work, Doris feels grateful for the opportunity to share her expertise in massage therapy, skincare, and retail sales.

    With a commitment to excellence and integrity, Doris strives to provide her clients with valuable information and guidance on achieving their best selves, both internally and externally. She believes that true beauty starts from within and extends to our outer appearance, and she is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential.

    Through her skillful touch, personalized skincare treatments, and her extensive knowledge of retail products, Doris aims to provide an exceptional experience for her clients. She understands the value of fostering a harmonious mind-body connection and believes that self-care is an essential component of a balanced and fulfilling life.

    When you schedule your first appointment with Doris, you can expect a transformative and rejuvenating experience. She pours her passion into her work, and her genuine desire to help others shines through in every interaction. With Doris, you will not only receive top-quality treatments but also a warm and caring presence that will make you feel at ease.

    Join Doris on this incredible journey of self-discovery and self-care. She is excited to share her wealth of knowledge, skills, and passion with you. With Doris, you can expect a holistic approach that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Together, you will embark on a path of inner and outer well-being.

    Experience the power of Doris's passion and expertise – book your appointment today. Peace and Love.

    "Dedicated to your Wellness and Beauty"

    Doris A Banks

    Staff List

    Doris Banks

    Owner/ Operator